Stay at home summer

Because I’m due in the middle of August, we can’t go anywhere far this summer. So we are planning to have fun around edmonton this summer.  There is a ton of stuff to see and do and I’m sure they will have a blast. These are some ideas:


Picnic at a spray park/playground

City zoo/nature park/science center

Have a lemonade stand/cookie stand


6 years later…

My last post was exactly 6 years ago! My daughter was just 6 months old, and now she is finishing Grade 1!  Time is just flying by way too fast! Being pregnant with #3, I am feeling nostalgic/sentimental and my way of “nesting” is blogging! I want to remember these fun days of while my kids are young before they are all grown up so I hope to post more about our daily happenings etc…I guess we will see once #3 is here if it will happen or not!

My son is now 3…and I have never blogged about him, so here is N’s debut on this blog…

My cute Starbucks date with his “usual”…a steamed milk & a marshmallow bar.

Cake Pops

I made this for my baby sister’s bridal shower this weekend.  Not having baked anything for a while since E was born, I think I went overboard and made these cake pops, banana cupcakes, and chocolate cherry macadamia nut cookies.  Matt spent some good quality time with E this weekend ūüôā  And now he gets to eat the leftovers! (Or take them to work)


I found the recipe for these online, they are chocolate cake in the middle and dipped in chocolate. cakepops2

She found her voice!

E told us that she was all “grown up” on Monday (which was
her due date) when she started wailing and crying like crazy.
 Our quiet, sleeps all the time baby is getting louder and
more awake…  and Matt and I are now in for sleepless nights!

3 weeks!

Wow, I can’t believe E is already 3 weeks old!  I am
feeling much better now, so today I even took out my “good camera”
to take some pictures of E while she is still tiny. She also slept
for 5 hours last night!  I woke up feeling well rested and
thought it was strange, and when I checked the time it was 5 hours
since E last ate, so I had to wake HER up to eat! 3weeks2web3weeks20web

The only time Emma looks


Emma always loses fur around her eyes
when she is stressed…so far she has been pretty good with E.
 She never barked at the baby, just curious and I think
jealous.  Emma always tries to sit as close to me (or Matt) as
possible now, when before she liked to sit on her own.3weeks9web

Haha…this is our “family


We had a BBQ Sunday, and Emma was unusually quiet… we found her outside behind the BBQ licking all the greasy drippings. ¬†Too bad most of it landed on her!! ¬†Washing out all the sticky grease needed a lot of soap!

Now when she goes outside to do her business, I have to watch and make sure she doesn’t go to the BBQ for a snack.

Bread Starter

I’ve always wanted to try this out, baking stuff using a “starter” of yeast/water/flour that you keep stored in your fridge. ¬†Things are supposedly supposed to have a better flavor if you use this instead of straight dried yeast. ¬†Plus, if it works out, you never have to buy yeast again. ¬†I never got around to it to trying it before, but here it is bubbling away.

Whoops…should have used a bigger jar!

Here is the recipe:

All-Purpose Starter

In a blender, combine

-2 c filtered water heated to 110-120 degrees F (just warm to the touch)
-1 tsp sugar 

– 1 tsp instant yeast

-8oz bread flour (I just used regular flour)

Blend until smooth. ¬†Pour into a clean jar and put lid on top (don’t screw on the lid to let the gases escape). Let sit in a warm place for 24 h. ¬†Then you can use it (use 1 cup of the starter in place of yeast in your recipe) or feed the starter 1 cup warm water mixed with 1c flour and cover and store in the fridge until you need it. ¬†Every time you use the starter culture, feed it 1c flour and 1c water.


Hmm…looks interesting. ¬†Matt says it looks nasty…

Well, tomorrow I’ll try to make cinnamon buns using this nasty mixture and see how it turns out!