Bread Starter

I’ve always wanted to try this out, baking stuff using a “starter” of yeast/water/flour that you keep stored in your fridge.  Things are supposedly supposed to have a better flavor if you use this instead of straight dried yeast.  Plus, if it works out, you never have to buy yeast again.  I never got around to it to trying it before, but here it is bubbling away.

Whoops…should have used a bigger jar!

Here is the recipe:

All-Purpose Starter

In a blender, combine

-2 c filtered water heated to 110-120 degrees F (just warm to the touch)
-1 tsp sugar 

– 1 tsp instant yeast

-8oz bread flour (I just used regular flour)

Blend until smooth.  Pour into a clean jar and put lid on top (don’t screw on the lid to let the gases escape). Let sit in a warm place for 24 h.  Then you can use it (use 1 cup of the starter in place of yeast in your recipe) or feed the starter 1 cup warm water mixed with 1c flour and cover and store in the fridge until you need it.  Every time you use the starter culture, feed it 1c flour and 1c water.


Hmm…looks interesting.  Matt says it looks nasty…

Well, tomorrow I’ll try to make cinnamon buns using this nasty mixture and see how it turns out!




6 thoughts on “Bread Starter

  1. Next week you’ll both have yeast oozing quietly out of your ears as you offer us all cinnamon buns with a slightly glazed expression on your faces.

    War of the Worlds Part II: Invasion of the Yeast

  2. If you want some starter I can give you some in a jar! You just have to add water & flour every now and then (2 weeks).

  3. Hey, does the starter expire? I might want to have some handy. As you know, Vinh LOVES cinnamon buns.

    I’m hoping if I can make some good ones (so far, they’ve been a little on the dense/hard side), he’ll love me more than he loves those buns 🙂

  4. I think it can last forever if you keep feeding them every so often. Just as long as it doesn’t change color, then you have to throw it out because bacteria got in.

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