We had a BBQ Sunday, and Emma was unusually quiet… we found her outside behind the BBQ licking all the greasy drippings.  Too bad most of it landed on her!!  Washing out all the sticky grease needed a lot of soap! Now when she goes outside to do her business, I have to watch and […]

Moving the studio

We originally set up the studio in our bonus room (the room above the garage).  All the stuff was so huge it basically took over the entire room and looked really odd since the room is open to the rest of the house.  I decided to move it down to our unfinished basement, so after […]

Cute Overload?

Not getting enough cute Emma pictures on this blog?Well, check out cute overload for ridiculously adorable pics and vids of all sorts of animals.I have spent hours and hours browsing through the archives.  Here is a pic from the page, a cute baby bear doing a karate chop:  

Happy Valentine’s!

Strawberry Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.  I dropped some of the sprinkles on the floor and Emma ate a few before I noticed!  Last time she ate candy by accident (she found a double bubble in Matt’s office and ate it along with the comic strip wrapper), she was so hyper, zooming and bouncing  around […]

New Auntie!

I bought a bunch of really soft fabric to make some baby blankets for my new niece, and Emma thinks they are comfy! I stacked the fabric on the floor of my craft room, and found Emma napping on top of the pile!  Now to wash and actually sew them into blankets!P.S. Anybody know how […]