Morning Walk

Driving back from school, I saw these amazing clouds and took Emma for a walk while I tried to photograph them.  Emma wasn’t impressed that we stopped for so long in one spot. Advertisements

Manual Mode is actually not so scary!

I’ve moved from using aperture or shutter priority mode to manual mode on my camera!  I always stayed away from manual mode because I was afraid I didn’t know what I was doing.  That I would really mess the picture up since you had to control BOTH the aperture and shutter speed.  Since it is […]


Soon, none our last names will be Hua anymore since all my sisters are either married or engaged (and we have no brothers)!  I was just surfing around the net and found that HUA is a military term for “Heard, understood, and acknowledged”.   In Chinese, the meaning is spectacular or flower, although our last name isn’t the same […]

Moving the studio

We originally set up the studio in our bonus room (the room above the garage).  All the stuff was so huge it basically took over the entire room and looked really odd since the room is open to the rest of the house.  I decided to move it down to our unfinished basement, so after […]

test shots

Matt had the day off yesterday so we went out to do some errands and decided to check out this studio lighting place that Matt found.  We ended up getting a black backdrop & 2 flashes.   Here are the first test shots with the new setup.  I only had 2 subjects to test on… […]

Say Cheese!

My sisters and I had the day off, so we spent the morning and afternoon creating some “bio pics” that we could post on our website on the “about” page.  We thought posing with our tools of trade would be fun, so here I am with my camera.  I am actually holding the smaller one, […]

New Business

My sisters & I have been talking about starting a makeup/hair/photography business as a hobby.  You know those “glamour photos” you can take in Asia where they dress you up and do your hair & makeup? We were thinking of something along those lines, but hopefully not as cheesy!  My sisters are quite talented in […]